Through designated Project Managers, SSCG & SPM advises and informs the owner on issues relating to the development, construction, and design of the project. Specific attention is focused on ways in which the design and construction can be undertaken so that development can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner while maintaining superior quality. We are typically involved in projects from conception to completion. Specific activities may include the following:

  • Review of plans, specifications, permits, violations, energy recommendations, and contracts in an effort to improve quality and reduce cost.
  • On-site inspection of work-in-progress to ensure construction meets specification and is completed in a timely manner.
  • Conduct regular site meetings to address problems as they arise and review contractor's application for payment.
  • Review federal, state and city construction requirements.
  • Coordinate activities of the public utility companies to ensure timely delivery of all utilities.
  • Develop plans, scope of work and specifications suitable for bid documents.
  • Develop schematic drawings and preliminary construction cost estimates to determine feasibility.
  • Analyze bids from contractors, engineers, architects and other professionals.
  • Negotiate terms of contract and develop final contract for contractors, engineers, and other professionals.
  • Work with contractor to develop appropriate construction schedule and schedule of values.
  • Coordinate all construction work with owner's needs, with special attention to currently occupied units.
  • Supervise project completion, prepare for turnover to owner, develop final punch list, collect all warranties and guarantees and approve final payment.
  • Expedite zoning and building permits.
  • Review all applicable building and zoning codes.
  • Management of architect, engineer, contractor, surveyor and other professionals such as environmental firms.

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